About me

I am a student at National Institute of Technology Toyota College (Toyota KOSEN), majoring in Computer Science, and a part-time Web back-end developer.

I am interested in the Web, software, programming languages, and of course computers.

Favorites and Interests
  • Arch Linux
  • Vim
  • SKK (Simple Kana to Kanji conversion program)
  • Bash
  • Programming Language
  • Go
  • Works
  • sakura
  • Beautiful and easy-to-see color scheme for Vim which inspired by Japanese cherry blossoms.

  • dotfiles
  • My dotfiles consisting of Arch Linux, i3-gaps, Vim, Alacritty, Polybar etc.



    GPG key fingerprint: 4277 F0BF C82E C90B 1DDC 8E2F 3337 CA90 7E2E 9973